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5 Simple Tips for Creating a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Successful Direct Mail

1. Know what you want to achieve

It may sound obvious but it’s vital that you establish what you’re looking to achieve from your mailing before you do anything else. You need to be clear whether you’re trying to sell something, raise awareness of your brand, direct traffic to your website or promote an event. This is important because the outcomes you’re looking for will inform the creative side of your campaign and if you aren’t clear about what you want the recipient to do you’re just going to give them a mixed and confusing message.

2. Get your data right

It’s no exaggeration to say that the most important aspect of a direct mail campaign is the data. You see unless you’re sending your piece to the right people then you might as well not send it at all. And the more information you have about your targets the better. Information such as purchase history and frequency, age groups, sex and other sector specific detail will enable you to create bespoke messages that appeal directly to the right people at the right time.

3. Make it look good

Now that you’ve chosen your objective and you have a relevant and up to date database, you need to produce something that’s going to be attractive enough to make someone want to read it and this is where a good graphic designer is worth their weight in gold. They’ll help you to come up with a design that will appeal to your target market while getting your message across clearly and concisely – you don’t want things to be too wordy or people may feel less inclined to read everything.

4. Test your campaign

It might seem like a waste of time but testing your campaign can make the difference between success and failure. Select a small portion of your database and send your mailer to these people only. Record how many of the recipients responded to your call to action and if you didn’t get the results you were looking for you need to look at why and amend whatever the cause was. If your response is good you can roll out the full campaign confident that you’re going to achieve your desired outcome.

You can also use testing to try out multiple versions of your campaign, for example 2 different designs of your mail piece. Split your sample database equally and send one half one design and one half the other. Whichever design performs best in testing is likely to do the same over the whole database.

5. Measure the results

So, you’re ready to roll out your full campaign. The final thing to do now is to closely measure the results. Whichever metrics you use to do this, for example number of sales or hits on your website, you must make them something that is clear and definable within the remit of your desired outcome. Not only will measuring the results tell you if your campaign was a success but it will also inform you of ways to improve your next campaign as part of the Review, Refine, Implement process.




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