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There are many great benefits for you when you use digital print.

With no plates required and set up costs at a minimum, digital print keeps the cost of printing short runs down to an affordable level. This gives you the flexibility to order important items like company brochures and sales leaflets more frequently in smaller quantities which will ensure they are always right up to date, eliminating the need to throw out leaflets that contain old information or brochures printed with your old logo.

Are you convinced yet? What if we told you that digital print can also improve your cash flow? That’s exactly what it does if you only buy what you need when you need it rather than buying, and paying for, a year’s supply of something in advance. Think about it, your valuable cash is stored in a cupboard somewhere in the form of a brochure instead of being locked safely away in the bank. It won’t be earning interest in the cupboard either, in fact it will be depreciating in value rather quickly.

And if you simply need a small number of copies of something, like manuals for a training course or special brochures for an exhibition, digital print lets you order the exact amount you need without having to break the bank. It’s very fast too so if you’ve left things until the last minute all is not lost as it’s possible to get your order back the very same day you ordered it.

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