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DIY Design – Why not to do it

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There are a lot of DIY designers who believe that they’re doing themselves a favour by saving the cost of hiring a professional to create their artwork. And on the surface it’s hard to disagree that not having to pay an agency or in-house print designer a fee when you can do it yourself isn’t a good thing, right?

Well not really. You see professionals are exactly that for a reason: they’ve paid their dues and perfected their art and you’ll see this in the results of their work. There’s really no comparison when it comes to the thrifty, part time practitioner and the creative lords of the jungle and the DIYers wouldn’t argue with that. Yet they still do it.

So why should they pay the extra and get the job done properly? Well I think it’s as simple as this. Once your design is in print, or online for that matter, it’s unlikely to look as good as what you would get from an expert. Now imagine your existing or prospective client is looking at a DIY brochure or website and one that’s been designed by a professional, which one is going to be giving off the best impression? It doesn’t even matter that the DIY company could be better than the other, the perception the client has of it has already been damaged. And that means the loss of potentially thousands of pounds in revenue for the sake of saving a couple of hundred pounds. It’s false economy isn’t it?

So be brave, take the plunge and make a sensible investment: leave the design to the designers and concentrate on what you’re good at yourself.

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