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GUEST BLOG: Sarah Weightman from Glow Creative Marketing explains how to ensure your business’s printed promotional material delivers maximum results

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With the ever increasing popularity of e-marketing, and businesses embracing social media as a form of promotion, it can be easy to overlook the importance of printed promotional material in spreading your company’s message. When used effectively it can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, offering the opportunity to put something tangible in you customers’ hands to engage them with all you have to offer. Sarah Weightman from Glow Creative Marketing explains how to ensure you really make the most of your printed promotional material to deliver maximum results for your business.

One of the most important points to consider when embarking on producing any promotional material is how it will work alongside the established image of your business. There is, of course, little point making the investment in such material if the recipients simply do not associate it with your company. Simple as it sounds we do see it overlooked. The branding of your promotional material should be consistent in design to the rest of your brand – visual elements such as your corporate logo, which help to create all important brand recognition, should be printed in their standard colours to ensure your customers are in no doubt that the promotional material is yours. Just as vital in creating a recognisable and consistent image is also the language you use. It’s crucial that it reflects the tone of voice of your business and really embodies the personality of your brand. All businesses ‘talk’ to their customers in different ways and this is what helps differentiate your brand from others.

Whilst consistency with your business’s established image and tone of voice is imperative, it doesn’t mean however that your promotional material cannot be creative. Indeed, to stand out in a competitive market it needs to be eye catching. Think about how much promotional material you receive on a daily basis. To ensure yours stands out, thinking outside the box is essential. People are busy and when someone picks up your promotional material you may only have a few seconds to make an impression – ensure it is a memorable one and they’re much more likely to explore what you have to offer further. It’s therefore the ideal time to get creative with design to ensure it really does get noticed. Have you ever picked up a piece of promotional material because you were attracted, for example, by its unusual shape? With so much printed material out there being standardly sized and shaped, something that breaks from the norm will definitely stand out. This is where a printer like JasPrint can really help bring your ideas to life. For example, die cutting can be used to create rounded corners, windows, flaps, holes and pop ups which provides endless opportunity to create something innovative and attention grabbing to fully engage your audience.

Whilst getting creative with your promotional material is key to helping it get noticed, it’s also important not to forget that the quality of it strongly reflects on your business. Details such as the quality of the paper or card stock can influence how your customers feel about your brand – so it’s vital to ensure that they really reflect your business’s values. Overlooking factors such as these can reduce the effectiveness of your promotional material and therefore its overall value for money in the long term.

Another great way to engage with customers is to provide a long lasting printed promotional product with functionality that has real value to them. The old adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can too often ring true about the relationship between a business and its customers.  By giving them a functional product that they can use on a daily basis, you help to keep your business in their mind. Again, this offers the perfect opportunity to get creative and produce something quirky and memorable that really helps your business to shine out amongst the masses – a calendar or wall planner has a good long shelf life and is useful in any office environment.

Whatever the promotional material you need to ensure that you give it to the right people to fully maximise its marketing potential and cut down on any waste – something which is crucial in today’s economic climate. The people you send promotional material to can generally be split into two groups – your existing customers who are likely to make repeat purchases and potential customers who may make purchases in the future. It’s vital to determine exactly what is most likely to be useful to your recipients and engage them with your message. Also, it’s a good idea to consider tying your promotional material to the season or a special event. This can offer a great excuse to get in touch with your customers and remind them about your business. It is, of course, yet another opportunity to get creative with design and print to make sure your brand really stands out!

Creative, well-thought-out and targeted printed promotional material is a powerful marketing tool that should not be overlooked. At Glow Creative we can implement a strategy for your business to improve visibility, engage with customers, enhance your brand image and ultimately increase sales and revenue. Working alongside a quality printer like JasPrint we are able to really ensure your promotional material delivers maximum results!

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