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Introducing MultiLoft Cards

Multiloft Cards

MultiLoft card is an exciting new product from Jasprint that provides you with the ability to create extra thick and multi coloured cards. By sticking together two or more sheets of MultiLoft and MultiLoft Inserts you can create eye-catching cards that can make even the most basic item stand out from the crowd.

Business cards, invitations, wedding announcements, postcards and much more can be enhanced by the unique colour sandwich effect created using MultiLoft and MultiLoft Inserts. Use just 2 or 3 layers for a simple effect or as many as you want for extra thickness. There are no limits to the amount of inserts that can be used on your cards, giving you the opportunity to create cards in various effects using multiple colours and layers.

The inserts come in 270gsm and are available in an impressive range of 13 colours including red, black, pink, blue, purple, green, yellow and orange. Outer sheets are available in 270gsm and 325gsm in White and Ultra White.

For prices, samples or further details call now on 0191 417 6766 or email john@jasprint.com.



John Rowell

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