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Make sure to add bleed to your artwork

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Bleed. It sounds pretty gruesome doesn’t it? But before you start attacking your screen with a kitchen knife, don’t worry, it isn’t quite as dramatic as it sounds. No, bleed is where the image or print on a page or document runs off the page when trimmed to size.

Adding bleed to your artwork simply involves extending the image beyond the boundaries of the area to be printed by a few millimeters, typically 3. It’s important because without it you run the risk of having white edges due to the very slight movement that occurs when trimming. Conversely you can end up with a document that is smaller than expected as the trimming needs to be adjusted to avoid the dreaded white edge.

With most software adding bleed will be easy to do but if your artwork has been prepared in something like Word or PowerPoint you won’t be able to do it. Have no fear though as skilled studio team can do it for you.

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