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Making the best use of your Business Cards

Business Cards

A successful salesman and business owner once told me that if he didn’t need to re-order his business cards every month he wasn’t using them enough. His philosophy was that the more cards he gave out the more people would have his details and the more business he would do as a result. And when you look at it like that it’s hard not to agree with him.


Think about it. How likely are you to even bother the search engines if you already have the details of somebody who can do the job you need in the form of their business card? This is what my guy thought too and is why he decided to make sure as many people had his business card as he could manage.


As well as giving cards out to the people most of us do, he also gave them to just about everyone he met. So at every networking event or social occasion he attended, his cards would be received by not just everyone he spoke to but, by leaving his cards around the venue, by people he didn’t even clap eyes on.


Another trick he used was to put a little pile of them in the reception area of every business centre he visited so anyone who worked there or visited had a chance to see them or, better still, pick one up. He went through thousands of cards every year but he argued that doing so was part of the reason for his success and that when you worked out the cost of each card it was probably the cheapest form of marketing he did.


Here at Jasprint we can provide you with superb quality business cards starting from just £45 for a pack of 250 cards which works out at only 18p per card. Order 1000 cards and that cost per card comes down to only 5.5p each and buy 2500 cards and they’re yours for as little as 3p per card.


At these prices you can afford to be a bit more generous with your business cards when it comes to handing them out. Why not try doing the same things that this guy did and see if it works as well for you too.


*Prices indicated are for business cards printed on one side only onto 350gsm white board and trimmed to 85mm x 55mm.

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