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The Advantages of Digital Print

Digital Print

As a share of the overall print market, digital print continues to grow rapidly. More and more people are realising the potential of digital print by understanding the key differences between digital and traditional litho, particularly now that old concerns about quality have been well and truly addressed by the multitude of modern presses currently available. With the capabilities of digital printing now being converted into a myriad of practical uses, print users are reassessing the way they purchase print and how they utilise it. So what are these key advantages?



Personalising print by combining data files with static artwork is 100% unique to digital; it simply isn’t possible with any other method of printing.

While using a database to personalise a bill or piece of marketing literature is no longer considered ground breaking (after all Jasprint have been doing this since the 80’s), it remains extremely effective in making print more memorable and making someone act upon it.

With the advent of more powerful processors in our computers we can now make even images vary from one page to the next depending on the content of the data. Communications can be tailored so that information and pictures are made exclusively relevant to a particular recipient based on details such as user defined preferences, previous purchase history, age, sex, geographical location etc. You’ve probably received something that’s been personalised uniquely for you many times without even realising it such is the seamless way in which variable content can be integrated.

What this means for you is the potential to increase the success of your own or your clients’ marketing material by making it speak directly to each customer or prospect on a one to one basis rather than the more muddled approach of a generic ‘one size fits all’ strategy.

How to personalise your customer’s experience


Short Run Printing

With no plates required and make readies at a minimum, digital print keeps the cost of printing short runs down to an affordable level. Printing in smaller quantities has a number of advantages over printing thousands at a time; let’s look at some of them here:


Save Money, Reduce Waste

The most common reason people choose to buy in bulk is the reduced unit cost because of the belief that you are saving money. However, as anyone who has been left with a cupboard full of out of date brochures or letterheads printed with the old company logo will know, it doesn’t always work out like that.

Purchasing for only a month or two means you aren’t paying for stock that has a high probability of going to waste. So even though the unit cost is higher, you save money by spending less overall. There’s also the added bonus of keeping your cash in the bank rather than having it tied up in stock.


Flexible Options

Short run digital print gives you the flexibility to keep your communication specific to your audience. Instead of producing a brochure that tries to cover all of your various markets, why not produce multiple versions, each tailored to a particular market sector. Versioning like this enables you to be more specific when communicating your message which, as with personalisation, can lead to greater success.



Need something in a hurry? Due to the aforementioned lack of plates and make readies that are required and with no need to wait for ink to dry before further processing, digital print is capable of delivering lightning fast turnaround times. Orders can be produced at very short notice with even same day delivery available if required.


Can YOU benefit from Digital Print?

Think about all the items you get printed and ask yourself if you would benefit from any of the advantages outlined above by using digital print. If you think you would, or if you’re unsure, give me a call and I will gladly give you my honest advice.


John Rowell

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