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Three decades ago, in 1981, Jasprint came into the world, the brainchild of John Rowell Snr.

Back in those days of Dallas, Margaret Thatcher, leg warmers and shoulder pads, the technology that was eventually to evolve into what we now know as digital print was very much in it’s infancy but it promised the very same benefits then as modern day digital print does now.

And so it was, to a background soundtrack of Adam and the Ants, Toyah and A Flock of Seagulls, that Jasprint unleashed the promise of short run printing and ‘print on demand’ to the North East of England… and beyond as it turned out, as demand for print runs of anything from 10 to 1000 came from all over the UK as people recognised the benefits of only printing ‘what you need, when you need it’.

Since then much has changed. Fashion has improved, music has suffered, Sky have revolutionised television and politicians have… well, some things never change, like our commitment to providing first class customer service. Those early, ‘electronic’ printers have become fully fledged digital devices capable of printing in full colour at incredible speeds. We can even print highly targeted, personalised marketing pieces by using your databases to vary text and images and create bespoke communications for better response rates. Clever stuff.

Jasprint are still here though, at the forefront of this amazing technology that revolutionized print in the same way as the bergs of Guten and Heidel and those fruity guys at Apple. We may no longer be wearing Pods or Kickers but the family business still believes in providing our diverse range of clients with a great service at an honest price, not just for the people of Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and the rest of the North East but for the whole of the UK . Digital print, traditional values.

And after all these years, it’s no wonder we know digital print inside out.

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