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What is bleed and why is it important?

Sample Book Cover Illustrations - Bleed

When you want something to be printed right up to the edge of the sheet, you need to add bleed to your artwork.


Bleed is the term used in printing to describe print that goes beyond the edge of a sheet before trimming. It is very difficult to print exactly to the edge of a sheet of paper/card so, to achieve this, it is necessary to print a slightly larger area than is needed and then trim the paper/card down to the required finished size.


Without bleed it is possible for there to be a white line on the edge of the sheet after it has been trimmed as the result of slight movement of the paper during the print process.


When preparing your artwork we recommend that you add 3mm bleed all around the edge of your page(s) so that when it comes to trimming we can do it without worrying about white edges.


If you need any help with bleed or any other technical issues please get in touch and speak to one of our experts.

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